Who Cares If They Don’t Like You!


Let’s be realistic for a moment. No matter how buff you are,  how pretty you are or how well put together you are, everyone cares if someone likes them. Whether you want to or not. It takes more of an effort not to care then it does to care. Man don’t we all wish we didn’t care.  I guess it’s human to care. For me if you don’t like me I make sure I never talk to you, look at you,  and that we don’t share the same air. Lol not literally but, surely I keep my distance.  See the difficulty with that method is suppose it’s someone who your basically forced to be around. See in school that’s way easy bro. Check this out,  bam I moves my seat. Boss status, done! Plus when your at school its different cause your there for a grade and the only person providing that is ur teacher not losers. Now at work, uh just ignore them and keep in mind that ya getting paid hommie. No need to stress cause they don’t pay ya bills.  Now see those two environments I’ve got down pact. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Ugh here’s the hard one, social events like parties,  cookouts, hang outs with friends, family,  or friends of friends or family of family and so on and so on. Basically obligatory social events your unspoken obligation but, required to attend to. Imagine being at those events and someone doesn’t like you. I can handle me not liking you cause I can still be sweet and force myself to find a side of you I do like since I’m forced to be around you but, when it’s the other way around and I have to pretend not to notice your obvious rudeness lmao that’s a brain fart. Let propose a hypothetical situation saying that this person steps out of line at you and says some things out of line directly to you then what do you do? Do you say fuck it and go off like you might in any other circle or do you patiently remind the person they might be out of line or do you not say anything at all.  I personally don’t know because again you have an unspoken obligation to the person your attending the party with let it be a friend,  cousin, or your mom you have to consider them first whether the other person is or not.  Then we come back to how do you not care that someone you don’t have a problem with has a problem with you and your forced to be around them? That ladies and gentlemen I have yet to find out.


Social Ladder Part.4


Chapter 4

“Mom can I have waffles today” I say as I slide in to the kitchen as while she pulls out ingredients for breakfast. “Sure” she says as she plugs in the waffle maker. “Aren’t you up early” says my dad as he kisses my on the forehead and heads to the fridge. “Yea I’m ready for my second week of school” I say shocked that I got through week one. “Orange or Apple” asks my dad as he holds up the two. “Orange” says Liam as he walks in the kitchen. “He asked me stupid head” I say as I squint one eye and raise the other shaking my head at Liam. “Be nice you two” says my mom as she pores the waffle mix onto the waffle iron. (Knock Knock Knock) goes the door. “Go open the door for Bodie” says my dad knowing exactly who it is without thinking. “Hey you ready” says Bodie as I notice she didn’t have on her glasses. “Where are your glasses Bodie” I ask in complete shock. “I got contacts over the weekend to avoid my glasses breaking. So I wear these now” she says smiling. She looked so different. Bodies wore glasses since I met her. “Wow look at you. You look so pretty Bodie” says my mom as Bodie walks in the kitchen. “Thanks” says Bodie in a shy manner. “What happened to your glasses” asks my dad. “I’m on the basketball team now and my coach said that although I’m good I can’t wear glasses as I play cause some girls get too aggressive and may break them so she suggested to my mom to get me contacts, so here I am” she says as she sits down at the island counter in the kitchen. “Well you look just divine” says my mom as she gives us all a plate to eat.

After eating we all head to the bus stop to wait for the school bus. “Hey Lizzie” I hear a voice say as I approach the bus stop. I look around and I notice Joey as he walks up to me. “Hi Joey, Good Morning” I say trying not to blush. “Good Morning, I like your hair” says Joey noticing the curls in my ponytail. “Thank you” I say releasing a huge smile. “Cool Shirt” says Bodie noticing his Like a Boss white t-shirt. “Thanks” he says. “Hey Linda” says Lisa as her and Samantha walk up to me pretending not to know my name. “It’s Lizzie” says Joey defending my honor. “Oh…… Right……. Lizzie……. So how was your weekend?” she asks although I know she doesn’t care. “Fine” I say giving her a one word answer. “So how about you Joey” asks Samantha as she moves closer to Joey. “BUS!” shouts Bodie as me and Joey smile and the two girls roll their eyes. We all pile on the bus and I see Joey whisper something in Bodies ear and watch as Bodie sits somewhere else. “Is it ok if I sit here” asks Joey as he sits down anyway. “Sure I say as I lay my head back on the seat.

“Hello ladies” says Mr. Dublin as me and Bodie enter the class. “Hi Mr. Dublin” we both say as we enter in the class room and head to our seats. “Well I wanted to let you ladies know that I do one on one tutoring with students after school and on some Saturday’s if you need help with anything” he says as h e leans over and slide a card into Bodies binder. “Okay” says Bodie all infatuated. Homeroom ends and we all head to our classes. “So how’s your first few weeks going” asks Vanessa as we run around the track for gym. “Fine I guess” I say because most of my classes are boring and basic. “Does any one have Mr. Dublin?” asks Paula. “Oh I had him last year. He is so fine and nice to and single” says Gabby as he laughs and starts to run backwards ahead of us. “I have him homeroom” I say not impressed. “Lucky you, I have him right before gym with you guys with Bodie. I love it. He’s a fun teacher” she says all excited. “ALRIGHT EVERYBODY GO TO THE LOCKER ROOM AND GET DRESSED AND HEAD TO LUNCH OR YOUR NEXT CLASS” announced the teacher over the speakers in the gym.

“Hey Bodie” I say as I walk up to Bodie in the hallway to the cafeteria. “Hey, Hi Paula, Hey Gabby” says Bodie greeting us all. “Hi” they say simultaneously. “Lizzie?” says Bodie as she whispers to me so no one else could hear. “Look what D stuck to my homework” she says as she shows me a sticky not reading (Lovely Contacts with a smiling emoticon face on the bottom). “Are you for real?” I asked shocked that he even wrote that. “Yup” she says with a nervous smile. “Wow. Have you shown anybody else?” I ask concerned she’d get in trouble. “Of course not, just my best friend” she says as she tucks it in her pocket. We all get our lunches, eat and then head to our classes to finish out the day.

Chapter 5

Coming Soon!

Social Ladder Part.3


Chapter 3

“Do how was your first day of school” asks my mom as she cooks dinner. “Oh it was fine” I say as I raise my forehead thinking about the day I had. “So did you make any new friends today” ask my mom as she hands me the salad bowl to place on the dining room table. “Yes I met three girls who are in a few of my classes” I say as I reach for a warm roll as my mom places them on the island counter. “And what are their names?” she asks as she pops my hand so that I drop the roll. “Ummmm Paula, Vanessa, and Gabby” I say barely remembering 3 names. “Gabby?” she laughs. “What? Does the girl talk a lot or something” she continues. “A little but, she’s really nice.” I say reminding myself that her brother is Joey. “That’s Good, So did you and Bodie get to see one another today” ask my mom as she places both the soup and the Roast Beef on the table. “Yes we have lunch and homeroom with each other, Bodie joined the basketball team today” I say excitedly. “She did??????? LIAM! HENRY! COME ON DOWN, DINNER IS READY!” asks my mom as she then stops to shout for my dad and brother to come and eat. “Yes they have papers you sign to sign up for tryouts on the first day but, Bodies good so I know she’s on” I say I place the rolls on my end of the table so their easy to reach.

“Mom I’m finished dinner. Can I go to my room now?” I ask as I spoon up the last of my soup. “Yes sure” She says with a smile. “Can I take a roll with me?” I ask as I reach for the last of two. “Yes Elizabeth” she says in a slight annoyed tone. I rushed to my room to call Bodie on a video call on my laptop. “Hey Girl” says Bodie as she pops up on my screen. “Hey so what did you think of your first day” I ask curious about her other classes. “It was great. Not much to be excited about except for Mr. Dublin” she says leaning her head back laughing. “Was he flirting with you?” I ask remembering his awkward stare at her. “I think so. He’s my English teacher and he just kept staring at me” she says laughing. “Wow how old is he” I ask because he’s definitely to old to date Bodie. “He’s 26” she says like that’s not old. “But, your only 15 Bodie and at that you just turned 15.” I say concerned. “So what? That’s only ten years. Your just mad cause your not 15 yet.” Says Bodie as if that matters. “Riiiiiight, Well I don’t really care. Just be careful kay?” I say hoping that she’s listening. “Of course Bodie, Come on though isn’t he cute?” asks Bodie. “Yes” I say not denying that he is indeed handsome. Mr. Dublin is tall with blond brown hair and hazel eyes. He is a very in shape man and was dressed in a green button up with black slacks. He was definitely a hot guy. “Alright well I’m sleepy” says Bodie as she stretches and yawns. “Okay Good Night Bodie” I say as I yawn also. “Night Lizzie” she says as we both sign off and go to bed.

Social Ladder Part.2


Chapter 2 


“So what’s your schedule?” asks Bodie as she walks up to me holding a piece of paper listing her classes. I look over the paper and in my amazement I see that we only have homeroom and lunch with one another. It hit me like a day with no breakfast as I notice those around us celebrate in joy as they realize that they and their friends have similar classes, but luckily I ate. “Looks like we only have homeroom and lunch with one another” I say feeling dizzy thinking about not having my teammate with me on this crazy ride. “What?” says Bodie as she snatches her schedule out my hand. “You could have given me a paper cut Bodie” I say trying to lighten the situation at hand. “Sorry” says Bodie being actually concerned. “I’m kidding, look it’ll be ok. We have Lunch with one another. It’ll be a place for us to meet up and catch up” I say hoping that it will work. “Your right” says Bodiie as she sighs in relief.

”ALRIGHT STUDENTS THIS IS PRINCIPLE GRIBBLE AND I WILL NEED YOU FRESH BRAINS TO NOW HEAD TO HOMEROOM AND FROM THERE YOU WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO HEAD TO YOUR FIRST PERIOD CLASS, HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY AND MAKE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT” says the principle across the speakers. Bodie and I head to our homeroom and talk as we walk admiring everything about the school. We walk into homeroom as we notice a u shaped table facing the front of the classroom. “Come on in, I’m Mr. Dublin” says a handsome brown eyed young man who must be our homeroom teacher. “Good Morning” says Bodie as she extends her hand like it’s some professional interview. “Good Morning. Nice hand shake” says Mr. Dublin as he smile back and compliments her. “Thank You” says Bodie as she they stare at one another and I begin to feel kind of awkward. “Sooooo where’s our seats” I say in a loud tone breaking the silence. “OH! Yes you ladies can sit any where you’d like.” says Mr. Dublin as he snatches his hand from Bodie and points around the room.

Me and Bodie sit in the back on the left hand side facing the front door where we could see who comes in the class. Kids pile in in pairs as I get nervous. I notice a few kids that where on our bus stop. One guy who style was like a modern hipster, he stood with the “I’m to cool to be cool Kids”. He was about 5″11 and with jet black hair kind of like mine. I couldn’t see his eyes because he wore these sunglasses that had a green rim on them and tented lenses. He was hot and I loved it. I watched as he walked past everyone and sat right next to me. “Hey” he said as he sat down. “Hi” I said trying not to blush. “Don’t you catch my bus?” he asks continuing our conversation. “Yeah” says Bodie answering the question for me. I look at her like she’s crazy, couldn’t she that he was talking to me. “Oh oh okay” he says smiling showing these bright white teeth and braces. I didn’t mind. It gave him character. “My names Joey” he says still smiling. “I’m Lizzie and this is Bodie” I say as I smile back. And there it was those two girls from the bus. “Hey Joey!” they say as they walk in the room. “Hey Samantha, Hey Lisa” he says as they walk to towards him and each give him hugs. Samantha was the tall blond and Lisa was the short red head. They sit beside him and my heart drops to the bottom of my stomach. “Competition” I say in my head.

”Alright students please be quiet for the morning announcements” say Mr. Dublin as he switches on the television and a young girl comes on the screen. After announcements we say our goodbyes and I head to our classes. The day goes pretty smoothly with nice teachers and then I notice right before lunch I have gym. I never really liked gym. It’s more a Bodie thing. She’s good at basketball and things like that. I walk into the gym and I see three teachers standing in front of rows of students sitting on the bleachers. I sit next to a girl about the same height as me with brown hair. “Hi I’m Lizzie” I say as I sit down next to her. “Hi my names Paula” she says smiling. We talk for a bit getting to know one another and noticing we have the same lunch.

“Alright students we will be having a free day. You can do what you want for today but, from here on out you will have a real gym class learning fitness techniques, make sure to grab a gym approval sheet off that desk at the door before leaving” announces the teacher as we all get up and spread out across the gym. Me, Paul and 2 other girls get together and play volley ball. “Hi I’m Vanessa” says a short girl who’s a bit on the large side with light brown hair. “I’m Gabby” says the other. She was Latin and had really long black hair with pink streaks in her hair. We where all in the same grade except for Gabby, she was a junior. We played volley ball the entire time in gym. After class ended Me, Paula, and Gabby headed to lunch while Vanessa headed to class. She had an earlier lunch then us. I saw Bodie outside the cafe just waiting for me.

“Bodie!” I shouted as I ran toward her. “Hey, how was your day so far” she asks as she notices the two girls behind me. “It was great, Bodie this is Paula and this is Gabby” I say excited to introduce Bodie to all my new friends. We all go in and get in line, buy our lunches and pick a table located in the middle of the cafeteria. “I joined the basketball team” says Bodie excited about making her first step up the ladder. “I’m on the Varsity Team” says Gabby as her eyes and smile widen. “I want to join badminton, you should to” announces Paula as she turns to me nodding and smiling. “Yea Lizzie” says Bodie egging it on. “Ok” I say because I know I need to make some kind of move.

”There go those girls from our bus Lizzie” says Bodie as she nods her head in their direction. I turn around as I notice it was them and three other girls walking with one another. There was a girl with pink sort hair, blue eyes. A girl with a shaved head down to fine thin hair, with blue eyes. And another girls with short ruby red hair that was shoulder length, with blue eyes. “They call themselves the Blue Birds” whispers Gabby. “I wonder why” I sarcastically say noticing the trend of blue eyes in the group. Walking right around them was Joey. He walked right up to our table. “Hey Ladies” says Joey as he smiles at me and greets everyone at the table. “Hi Joey” says Gabby like she knew him. “You two know one another” asks Paula. “Yea we’ve have had a few classes together” says Joey as he sits down next to Bodie and across from me scooting her and Paula on over. “She’s my little sister” says Joey as he sticks out his tongue. “Why don’t you catch our bus?” I ask confused why I didn’t notice her in the morning. “I drive while Mr. I’m too cool decides to save the environment catches the bus. “Cars pollute the air man” he says smiling. I laugh so hard I snort. “Cute” he says showing those shinny white teeth.

”Hiiiii Joey” says Lisa as she announces her arrival demanding Joey’s attention. “Hi Lisa” he says in an annoyed voice. “Why are you sitting here Joey” asks Samantha as she mugs everyone at the table. “Well this is my sister and these are her friends” he says as he gets up. “Oh, Hi” says Samantha. “Hi” we all say with fake smiles. “Alright Ladies” says Joey as he walks away and over to a group of kids sitting across the Cafe. “Aren’t you guys in our homeroom or something” says Lisa pretending to not know us. “Mmmmhm” I say trying not to come off irritated. “Oh ok, Well have a nice day” says Lisa as her and her friends walk away. “I can’t stand them” says Gabby. “Interesting” I say as I watch them sit at a table at the back of the cafeteria. We all sit and finish our lunch and head to our last period.

”Hello My name is Mrs. Johnson and this is Biology come on in and sit at your assigned seats. I have placed name tags so find your name and take a seat” says the teacher as she welcomes us in the door like where in elementary school. I sit down and I notice a name tag across from me saying Lisa. Oh how I hope it’s not that girl and in walks her, the girls with the short pink hair and the girl with the buzz cut. “Hi I’m Kristen” says the girl with the pink hair. “Hi I’m Susie” says the girl with the buzz cut. “Hi I’m Lizzie” I respond with an awkward smile. Of course Lisa dose not greet me. She just does a quick smile and starts talking to the other girls at the table. Then in walks Joey, it’s like I see him all over, but the girls seem to always be there too. “Hey Lizzie, What you stalking me or something” he says joking as he walks towards our table. “Hahahahahahahahaha” they all laugh hard and loud trying to embarrass me. “No” I say quietly. “I’m joking” he says with a slight smile and heads to his table. What a down fall and I thought I was doing great. I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

Social Ladder Part.1


Chapter One 


Everyone knows that high school is nothing but, a social ladder. There’s a way to climb up and a way to fall down. Well I plan to make it up this ladder and start a new entering the 9th grade, me and my best friend Bodie. Bodie & I have known one another since pre-k. Since the moment she clocked me over my head with that block I knew we’d be friends for ever. Bodie went through a major growth spurt in middle school and since I never grew we where the perfect pair of friends. Bodies’ tall with long brown hair and green eyes with freckles and wears the weirdest of pointy corner glasses that she thinks is so cool. Me? Myself? I’m Lizzie I’m short, brown eyes, black hair and a bad ass. Now what more could we need to concur this Ladder.

“Lizzie get up” says my mom as she pulls back my covers. “Lizzie” she calls again as she notices I am not under the sheets. “BOO” I say as I jump out to scare her and she turns around with her hand on her hip. “Ha ha Lizzie, Glad you’re dressed though” she says UN-touched by my amazing scare. “So you weren’t scared at all” I say still concerned about my amazing fright and her emotionless response. “So are you hungry” she says ignoring my question. (Knock Knock Knock) I hear a pounding at the door. Must be Bodie coming early for breakfast and head to the bus stop with me. Bodies’ always comes for breakfast even not on a school day even though she lives right across the street. The girl sure loves to eat.

“So are you ready for the best days of our lives” asks Bodie in excitement as she adjusts her glasses on her face. “Wow I have never seen two freshmen so excited for being freshman” says my older brother who is a junior at the same school. His names Liam, he’s tall like Bodie but, just a few inches higher and a lot less awkward. He has hazel eyes, dark brown hair and kind of resembles the lead singer from Maroon 5. He always has girls calling but, I always hang up. “Oh shut up Liam” I say as I roll my eyes and sit for breakfast. “Behave” says my dad as he kisses my mom and heads out the door for work. “Alright hurry up and eat so you guys can be at that bus stop before it comes” says my mom as she slides us all 7 bucks for lunch.

“Ok I’m done lets go” says Bodie as her and my brother both get up heading for their book bags. “Ok, Ok, Bye Mom” I say as I clean up my plate and head out the door. “Look there they are” says Bodie as she looks over at all the kids as we approach the bus stop. “Wow High School Kids” I say in awe at the groups sectioned off around the bus stop. The “Cool Kids” standing together all dressed up talking sports, cloths, and about other people. “The I’m to cool to be cool kids” standing off to themselves chatting about things they claim they don’t care about and then there’s the new kids, people like us who kind of stand together but, not together if you know what I mean. “Let’s stand over here kind of off to the side” I whisper to Bodie. “Yea sounds great” she says in a nervous tone. “Alright bye loners” says my brother as he walks over to a girl standing with the “I’m to cool to be cool kids”. She looked like she belonged in another group with the way she was dressed.

“Here come the bus” shouts Bodie in excitement as everyone turns and stares. “Bodie” I say in a mellow tone and smiling while raising my eyebrows to let her know that was embarrassing. The bus pulls up and everyone rushes while Bodie and I try to walk fast but, not seem too eager. “Excuse Me” says one girl in a sarcastic tone as she pushes in between Bodie and I along with one other friend of her as she mugs us following one another. The first girl was short with red hair and blue eyes while her friend was a bit taller with blond hair and blue eyes. They where both well dressed with expensive looking bags and brand new shoes, they definitely had money. I noticed them when I walked up to the bus stop they stood with the “Cool Kids”. After brushing past we watched as they pushed past all the kids and moved them out of the way to get on the bus. It was like an order; Cool Kids, I’m too cool kids, and then the newbie’s. Last of course was us. Separated all ready due to the packed bus and the lack of pairs of seats for us to sit with one another. Just moments Later we pull up to the school we all get off as Bodie and I meet up and head into the building to find out our impending fate on the Social Ladder.

Short Stories For Dummies!

Hello I am a college student who just loves to write. I hardly ever have time to pick up a book but, it’s always nice to have a good short story. So since I love to write I thought I’d start a blog dedicated to short stories. I want this to be a place to unwind and write and read and enjoy. So enjoy.